23 Jan 2009


Let me introduce myself. My name is Ocsi, I am from Romania.

Football is a sport that can do wonders. Although it has become a real industry in the past years, let's not forget about the simple joy it can offer, the happiness of scoring a goal, the sadness of conceding one. We have all lived moments of enthusiasm, supporting our favorite club, seen what a football arena looks and feels like when we shout and sing, together with thousands of other people. That feeling is simply breathtaking.
Football is a bridge between people of any kind. It is a common language.

I am a F.C. Manchester United fan. My posts on this blog will mostly regard news and personal opinions about the 2007/2008 Uefa Champions League and Premier League Champions.

It is well known that MU is the biggest football club in the world. Fans from all over the world dream of seeing 'the red devils' at Old Trafford, including myself.

Hopefully, this blog can bring together football fans and enjoy what has become the world of Man United.

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